SSI Enables 2016 Programme Outline

Version 3








    Opening Address

    “Strategic drivers in developing future-ready workforce”


    SkillsFuture - a national movement to provide Singaporeans with the opportunities to develop their fullest potential throughout life, regardless of their starting points.

    Mr Ng Cher Pong,
    Chief Executive/WDA


    NCSS address

    “Beyond Classroom: The need for innovative learning methods to build strategic capability.”


    With increased demand, there is need for qualified and competent workforce who is well equipped to manage existing and future needs of the social service sector.  How do we develop capability of the professionals in a convenient, better and faster manner by looking at other forms of learning practices?

    Mr Sim Gim Guan,
    Chief Executive/NCSS



    Keynote Presentation

    “Social Service Meets Social Media-Based Learning”

    Flipped keynote session to create cognitive dissonance and leverage on social forms of learning.

    • Strategies for individuals and organisations on how to leverage on social media for professional development
    • Reflective dissonance on the need for mindset change and charting new directions for professional development.

    Dr Ashley Tan,

    Independent Education & Technology Consultant


    Panel Discussion

    “Practical insight in the adoption of innovative learning practices”

    Live discussion with key members on workforce capability and learning ecosystem. Gain practical insight how different pieces work together in creating highly capable and productive workforce. 




    Mr Fermin Diez,
    Deputy CEO and Group Director, SSI, Human Capital Development Group/NCSS


    Dr Gog Soon Joo,
    Group Director, Training Partners Group, Chief Research Officer/WDA

    Dr Ashley Tan,

    Independent Consultant

    Ms Lori Figueiredo,

    Learning Strategist/ Coursepad

    Mr Victor Goh,
    Director/ SSI

    1230 - 1330



    1330 -1415

    Technology (flipped conference)

    “Manage workplace learning using Learning Management System”

    Real time experience of using Learning Management System (LMS) to manage workplace learning

    Mr Shivanu Shukla,
    CEO and Co-founder/Teamie


    Technology (flipped conference)

    “Create, share, engage and track communication and learning on the go”

    Hands on experience in using Coursepad to communicate, engage and track communication and learning anytime, anywhere.

    Mr Kevin Chan,
    CEO/ Coursepad 

    Ms Lori Figueiredo,

    Learning Strategist/Coursepad



    Facilitated debrief where participants brainstorm on possibilities and challenges with the new tech tools in their organisation.

    “Education Innovation sharing”

    Develop Just-in-Time learning model that provides competency based flipped learning, anytime & anywhere

    Mr Raja Chowdhury,

    Deputy Director/ SSI



    How SSI is going to change the landscape of learning in the social service sector

    Mr Victor Goh,



    Networking Tea