3 Things to do first!

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    Hello there! Welcome to the community!


    New things means excitement, and somethings apprehension, if not properly inducted. Hence, I am here to help you get started.

    Good things always come in threes. Primary colors. Rock paper scissors, 3 little pigs, Alvin Simon Theodore (chipmunks), you get what I mean

    Here's 3 simple steps to get started.





    1) Make your profile shine.:Setting up Your Profile

    • Add a profile picture of yourself, your team and your work space. We want to know you! If you are worried about privacy, you can always add a picture of your favorite food or funny (but non-offensive) pictures.
    • Share your expertise because you are good at what you do. Everyone is good at something! They are just too humble to admit it. However the expertise list is important because if another user is looking to know more about a particular field of work, your knowledge will greatly benefit him or her. Pay it forward or in this case, teach it forward
    • Let us know what groups you are affiliated to. Sometimes as a new user, the amount of information and options might be so confusing that you can't find what you are looking for. Let us know and we will be there to guide you.


    2) Find your community and follow it.

    • Everyone has a place they belong to. Find you community's space or group by searching for their names. (The search button is at the top right hand corner of the page). Remember to follow your community to receive regular updates! Recommended place to start Learning and Development


    3) Ask a question/introduce yourself.

    • Take that small effort to say hello! Once you've identified where you belong in step 2, you can start a discussion in that community. Tell everyone your name, where you work at and end off with a question that you would like to ask! (e.g. How do I get started in this community?)


    These 3 things will help you get started in the community more easily. Don't worry, they are not hard and you will have a better community experience once you start exploring more!


    Now, get going!


    (SH Hint : Setting up Your Profile)