How to introduce yourself

Version 4

    Introducing yourself may be easy to some but not to others. Here are a few ways you can do so to get started.


    Say hello to your friends

    The best way to introduce yourself is to first find the right community that you want to join and know more about. If you are a therapist, join the therapy social group under the Learning and Development space. If you are a counsellor, join the counselling social group under the Learning and Development space. Find the place that resonates with you.


    Start a discussion

    Some of our key places already have active discussions. If you find yourself in one of those places, please comment on them by saying hello and then giving your views! If you are in a place in the community that doesn't have much activities, then feel free to start your own! You can start a discussion by doing the following:

    • Get to the place you want to start a discussion in (you can find them using the search directory at the top right hand corner of this page or just explore them under the communities tab)
    • Under the create menu, select Discussion. You can either start a discussion or comment on any questions.
    • Be sure to include these things in your discussion/question - Who you are, What do you hope to get out of your experience here, What is that one question that you would like start with


    Remember to click follow

    In order to get the most out of the your experience with us, you've taken the important step of introducing yourself. To further follow up with other conversations, discussions or even questions, be sure to follow the place that you identified above from the search directory (otherwise really cool stuffs might happen that you are totally unaware of). To follow a place in your inbox:

    • Under the picture avatar, select preferences
    • Turn on "receive notifications" at the very top of the list - as shown below

    • User's experience is very important in the community and we don't want you to be spammed with unnecessary noises. Adjust and set your inbox (email) notifications to your likings
    • Remember to select and save at the bottom of the screen!