The Story of GatherHere

Version 8

    A very warm welcome to GatherHere, the social service sector's very own learning community.


    GatherHere is an online portal developed to build a community of knowledge-empowered social service professionals.




    GatherHere is not a platform to just read and absorb; it is a space to engage and involve you in creating the future of social service in Singapore.

    You can start discussions, ask questions, connect with like-minded professionals through the professional networks and share your knowledge and expertise through blogs and articles. CoPs and ground-up groups can feel free to do project and knowledge management here.


    By connecting people and knowledge, GatherHere hopes to build up a vibrant community of professionals, both online and offline, that supports the capability development of the sector.

    GatherHere is for everyone. You may be a social worker, a volunteer manager, a therapist, an allied professional, or just someone interested to learn more by being plugged into the social service community. At the end of the day, it all adds up to one thing,

    One social service community

    Your social service community

    Working better together.

    Join the community now.




    How did the idea of GatherHere come about?


    Harnessing the cumulative experience of the diverse sector professionals and stakeholders in the sector was the main idea behind this portal. Learning goes beyond formal learning interventions and SSI is constantly evolving to develop a sector empowered and equipped with knowledge. Much of professional learning comes from connecting to other professionals and thought leaders, consuming new content, and then sharing back out -- creating a cycle.


    Transforming the way we learn help us develop a community-led culture of professional excellence and also collaboration, which aims to raise the level of practice and expertise, improving the capabilities of the social service workforce.


    How did Gatherhere get its name?


    Gatherhere paints the picture of peers, friends calling each other along to a common place for a common purpose. In this case, we hope you call your fellow colleagues and friends in the sector onboard Gatherhere to curate, connect and co-create. We trust that there is power when you take charge of your own learning, when insights are shared, when experience inspires and when the right connections are made. Ah, what sweet serendipity!


    Gatherhere goes back to the core of the social service sector – People. Social service is all about people investing in other people. Hence, the idea of gathering again reminds us of People – we want to embrace the diverse range of experience, abilities and passions to cross-pollinate and seed collaborative efforts.


    This is an initiative of NCSS, but Gatherhere really is for you - the social service sector. You have your professional and personal learning and development goals, and Gatherhere is one platform that can help you get there.


    How does Gatherhere fit into the bigger picture?


    There is rich knowledge and experience within the social service sector. Unfortunately, this knowledge often resides within our minds and personal computers, getting lost once one leaves the organisation, or even the sector. Rich knowledge, experience and insights - assets that grow and develop along with the maturity of the sector. Gatherhere provides a platform for these assets to be shared among sector professionals. It allows these professionals to connect. It provides the opportunities for serendipitous moments of "ah ha!" "didn't see it that way!" "you are also doing that?" and "so glad i bumped into you today".


    Gatherhere does not hope to replace anything, but only aims to complement and enhance existing networks and connections. With this new online thread connecting the sector virtually, we trust that knowledge sharing can be improved, communication can be enhanced, and greater opportunities for synergy and co-creation are just waiting to happen.