Email Notification and Preferences

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    Getting too many emails from Gatherhere? Not getting enough email notifications and now you are missing key updates?

    When you click the follow > inbox button at a particular page, you will receive email notifications when the group you are following has an update. But did you know that you can set your preferences for email notifications for the Inbox function? Hint: You must be logged in to the Gatherhere Community to update your inbox settings


    Go to your Preferences page which is accessed by clicking your avatar icon.

    • From the preferences page, you can check or uncheck Email Notifications for each type of activities.
    • If you have downloaded the Jive app and prefers accessing Gatherhere through the app, you can adjust the mobile notification setting on the preference page as well.



    Note that when all email notifications are checked, you will get an email every time an activity is updated in the group that you followed. To prevent it from becoming overwhelming, we suggest that you only check the ones that you want to receive email about and uncheck the rest. (Note that it is important to click the check button for the "Inbox: Direct social mentions" or you might miss direct interactions unless you are checking the Gatherhere Community every day.


    Use the settings below to guide you with the email notifications:

    SettingsWhen Email Notifications are ON, you will:
    Inbox: ActivityReceive a separate email each time someone posts an update to an item you've selected to follow in your Inbox.
    Inbox: Direct Social MentionsReceive an email each time someone @ mentions you, shares content with you, or sends you a message in the community
    Inbox: AlertsReceive an email each time you have a new task, a new connection, or a new skills endorsement.

    Inbox: Moderations

    Receive an email when you have content to moderate (if you're a content moderator).
    Include body of content in emailYou can select whether or not you'd like your email notifications to include the full text of the community item you're being notified about

    New Stream

    Receive an email each time a followed person, place, or item posts an update in this stream
    News DigestReceive a community digest email every day, once or twice a week, or never.



    How to unsubscribe?

    To turn off all email notification or to "unsubscribe," you must have NO to all of the Notification Settings in your profile and saved them to your profile. Noted that this means you will not receive any emails regarding any updates in your community page and you might miss out on important updates and information along the way. (Not recommended)