Getting started in Gatherhere

Version 6

    These tips and tricks are targeted around topics that will help you as a Gatherhere Community member.


    Such popular topics as "How do I set my email notifications" and "How do I get started?" will be linked to below.


    Since a lot of this content already exists in the FAQs, I am posting the links to existing content as well as creating new content.

    The list will always be a work in progress (because we are always learning something new everyday), so if you have suggestions for links I should add or topics you'd like to see, feel free to mention them in the comments below.


    New Users

    3 Things to do first!

    How can i navigate more efficiently in Gatherhere?

    Email Notification and Preferences

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    How to introduce yourself

    How do i get started in creating content?

    Code of Conduct

    Spam Policy



    Learning and Development