Code of Conduct

Version 4

    When you join Gatherhere, you are joining a community. Thank you for agreeing to the Terms of Use upon registration of your account. Pls click here to find them. And like any other growing community, a few agreements about expected behavior are necessary. It is important for everyone to adhere to the code of conduct. Feel free to share it in your own groups as well.


    We expect Gatherhere users to respect these basic principles:

    • Be respectful. At times, Gatherhere is composed of different types of users from different communities ranging from educators to learners, to researchers to trainers, so we are not going to agree all the time. Remember to be respectful and constructive when communicating with fellow Gatherhere users.
    • Participative and collaborative. This is your community, so work together to make it a useful one. Join in discussions, share knowledge, exchange expertise, offer feedback and show up for events that you are interested in. We can learn a lot from each other and be more productive by helping each other.

    In particular, please observe some basic etiquette for online discussions:

    • Think before you send. Will it offend anyone?
    • Do not spam and refrain from advertising or promoting personal projects through Gatherhere communities.
    • Keep off topic conversations to a minimum.


    If a Gatherhere user routinely violates this code of conduct, the Gatherhere community leaders may ask the person to leave the community. This code of conduct applies to Gatherhere activities and will be enforced by the community itself. Content that violates the code of conduct will be removed if flagged. Read more at our Spam Policy.