Top places to ask a question in Gatherhere

Version 6

    We like to think that Gatherhere provides the online stage for you to reach out to the social service sector. Got a question to anybody in the sector, any group in the sector? Want to bounce off your idea or issue with any groups here? Hope to validate your findings with your fellow professionals? This is the place for you.



    Find out if your question is already answered

    Use the Find Answers widget to see if your question has already been posted and answered in the community. A Find Answer widget looks something like this:


    If you have any sector specific questions that you would like to seek advice about, we recommend that you start in the Learning and Development community. In the Learning and Development community, there are specific groups that you can asked in to have your questions answered.


    Saw a discussion topic that you are interested in?

    To get updates of a discussion thread, remember to follow the thread so that you can stay updated!



    Ask away.