Understanding Autism

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    Note: Autistic Pride day falls on 18th June. It was started by Aspies for Freedom in 2005 and since then, organizations around the world has celebrated this day as people come together to reaffirm and recognize the potential in all people, including those on the autism spectrum.


    Recently I came across a video - Can you make it to the end? by The National Autistic Society. This powerful video showed what an autistic child 'sees, hears, feels and smells' as he was walking through a shopping mall. The video was hard to watch as my senses felt very uncomfortable from the over-stimulated actions but it was crucial to finish it so that I could understand why autistic people behaved the way they did when their systems were overwhelmed.


    I had several experiences with autistic people as I have a cousin who has autism. I never truly knew what it felt like from his point of view even though we hung out quite frequently when we were young. After watching the video, I do understand a bit more now. The sentence 'Autistic people are not sick, rather, they have a unique set of characteristics that provide them with many other rewards and challenges' cannot be more true.


    'The world can overwhelm autistic children and adults. Rather than trying to change them, we need to give them the supports and coping skills they need to successfully navigate a world that can be too loud, bright, smelly, and judgmental all at once'


    Interested to know how it feels like to be autistic? Watched the video and learn more about it yourself!



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