How do you deal with 'Fear'

Version 3

    Insights from How Do You 'Do' Fear?


    Fear is a prevalent thing that has the ability to either motivate someone to be better or completely destroy the person. According to the article, there are several ways people 'deal' with fear.

    When one feels fear,

    1. he has a knee-jerk reaction to retreat into safety - The Safety first
    2. he is filled with anxiety - The What Ifs
    3. his mind immediately creates horrible happenings and catastrophic consequences - The Disastrous Consequences
    4. he becomes increasingly indecisive - The Wishy-Washy
    5. he keeps calm, deal with the situation and complete what needs to be done - The Calm, Do and Complete


    I hope that in the face of fear, I can become number 5. What about you?