Take part in the Gatherhere Scavenger Hunt!!!

Version 4

    How to get started in Gatherhere?



    Hi there! To help you get around the portal, we have come up with an activity for you to kick start your exploration journey. For starters, read the stuff posted in the FAQs as they will guide you around the portal. Some of them have clues hidden that will help you find the hidden message in this scavenger hunt!



    How to Hunt:



    1) Read the contents that have been posted in FAQs. (Hint: start with 3 Things to do first!)

    2) Pick out words that have been changed to  a green color font.

    3) The words will form a sentence.

    4) Email the sentence to esther_lau@ncss.gov.sg




    The hunt is now officially over!

    Thank you  all for your support & participation.

    Congratulations to our 3 winners: Pui Lim Lawrence Leong, Crystal Tang and Suet Mei Ng.