Free Registration for Arts in Eldercare Seminar

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    The Arts in Eldercare Seminar is an annual platform bringing together social and healthcare practitioners, aged care policymakers and artists, to explore how the arts can engage and empower our elderly for creative ageing.

    In 2014, voluntary welfare organisations shared their perspective on how the arts can be harnessed to improve overall well-being of elderly. In 2015, the seminar delved into how the arts can be integrated within considerations of holistic care for seniors.

    The Arts in Eldercare Seminar 2016 will give insights into topics on creative ageing within different care settings, and considerations that arts and culture institutions have taken to integrate the arts for cognitive, emotional and physical well-being of elderly, and leveraging cross-sector partnerships for the elderly to foster meaningful relationships with their peers, caregivers, and their communities.

    Topics Covered

    • Creative ageing in place – in care settings and in community
    • Creative arts programmes and dementia care
    • Practical considerations for participatory arts for elderly
    • Arts, ageing and mental health
    • Engaging elderly in arts and culture institutions

    Who Should Attend?

    Social and healthcare professionals in eldercare, government agencies, funders, artists.

    How to Register?

    Registration is complimentary. Click here to register:

    For enquiries, call 6652 7669 or email