Don't miss this course by Ms Ang Bee Lian

Version 1

    Learn from Ms Ang Bee Lian how to navigate and communicate with key stakeholders within the social service landscape.

    Understand the roles of various stakeholders, and the direct or indirect relationship between VWOs, resulting in outcomes that impact social services in
    a broad perspective.

    Gain crucial fundamental knowledge required in being an enabler and supporter of change in the social service sector.


    Rules of Engagement: Collaborating for Greater Productivity


    Trainer: Ms Ang Bee Lian

    Date: 24 Aug 2016

    Time: 2pm – 5.30pm

    Venue: SSI

    Target Participants:

    Middle management to senior staff from VWOs and government ministries such as MSF, MOE who works closely with various organisations within the social service sector.


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