Version 2

    1.     What is Gatherhere for?

    Gatherhere is an online community platform developed to build a community of passionate and knowledge- empowered social service professionals.

    Gatherhere provides the free space for sector professionals to

    1. 1. Curate – Develop your own Personalised Learning Network through the learning & development community
    2. 2. Connect – Build connections and relationships  with sector professionals
    3. 3. Co-create – Crowdsource and innovate solutions through synergetic partnerships

    Gatherhere is not a platform to just read and absorb; it is a space to engage and involve you in creating the future of social service in Singapore.

    Users can start discussions, ask questions, connect with like-minded professionals through the professional networks and share their knowledge and expertise through blogs and articles. CoPs and ground up groups can use this for project and knowledge management.

    It is free to register for an account to take part in the conversations in the portal.


    By connecting people and knowledge, Gatherhere hopes to build up a vibrant community of professionals, both online and offline, that supports the capability development of the sector.


    2. Who started Gatherhere?


    Gatherhere is an SSI, NCSS initiative as part of our sector’s knowledge and capability building plan. We provide the technology, community management and advocacy support to fuel this community portal. Gatherhere is for the community to take charge of its learning and collaboration. Being adult learners, we trust that our users will be responsible for the contents shared and posted.



    3.     Who’s on Gatherhere?


    We have approximately 15,000 members who are either working, or involved in the social service sector in one way or another. They include social service professionals and practitioners, SSI learners, volunteers, board members, corporate partners and also some individual stakeholders in the sector.


    We are embracing individuals beyond the sector to have a look into the happenings of the sector, not only to inspire, but also to share the vibrancy and dynamism of the people that upholds this very important sector in Singapore.  Most of the content is viewable by public; however, only individuals with registered accounts can participate or contribute.



    4. Why do I have an account in Gatherhere?

    We used to communicate to our learners or ones who have subscribed to our mailing list via email. To enhance our interaction with the community, this year we introduced GatherHere, which provides you not only updates on training courses in SSI but allows you to collaborate with professionals digitally. In time to come, this portal will be aggregating learning events and training for the sector.


    If you would like to view contents on the portal, you will not require a password to do that. However, in that case you will also not receive notifications to training and content.  In the event where you have left the sector or are currently not interested to receive any course updates, you can unsubscribe from the portal through your account.



    5.     What is our vision for Gatherhere?

    Gatherhere hopes to nurture a community-led culture, where social service professionals take the lead in curating their own learning, connecting with the like-minded and co-creating solutions and ideas that thrive on synergistic collaborations.


    We hope to see individuals rise up to share their experience and expertise to teach and inspire others.

    We encourage individuals to share resources, events, schemes and services to benefit a larger audience.

    We look forward to hear of individuals connecting with others on similar projects, sharing the “Dos and do nots”, best practices, learning how to jumpstart processes instead of starting from Ground zero.

    We endeavour to use the inputs and suggestions in this online to guide future shaping of learning interventions, services and maybe, even policies.


    By nurturing such leadership and collaboration within the sector, the social service level of professional practice and expertise will unarguably improve, leading to a sector that is well equipped and empowered to take on future challenges.