GATHER GATHER - the card game to gather social service friends

Version 1


    the card game to gather Social service friends


    GATHER GATHER is a card game inspired by GatherHere, the online knowledge community for social service professionals.

    What can GatherHere do for you?

    How can you curate, connect and co-create via GatherHere?

    Play on to find out!

    Players: 2 players & up

    Playing time: 15 min and up

    Contents: 40 cards; Rules booklet

    • 3 C cards – Curate, Connect, Co-create
    • 1 Wildcard
    • 36 playing cards (18 pairs)


    Aim: Collect the most cards by choosing the right “C”!

    Set up: Lay out the 3 C cards on the table. Shuffle the rest & distribute the rest of the deck  faced-down. Each player gets equal number of cards.  For 3 players and above, add another deck.

    How to play:

    Players to flips over cards together in the centre of the playing area.

    First player to spot a matching pair must shout GATHER GATHER and slap your hands over the matching pair.

    Within 5 seconds, answer which theme the card belongs to – Curate, Connect or Co-create. Player wins and keeps the cards when right answer is given.

    A few cards may belong to one or more themes. Player may defend his choice if answer differs from the standard. Majority to decide winner.
    Alternatively, no one wins the cards and the game continues, growing the card stack. Next player who wins get to keep the stack.

    When the Wildcard appears, player to shout GATHER GATHER and grab as many cards as possible.

    Game ends when only one player has cards left.

    Scan QR code or go online to GatherHere for answers and more fun ways to play GATHER GATHER!


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