Play matters. It’s the language of childhood. It’s the way that children make sense of their world. Play is also the process through which children learn about how their bodies work and how they can use them to have an impact on the world, whether that is through splashing in the bath or waving at someone who waves back. It’s about cause and effect, exploration and identity.


This course in Developmental Play brings  a new approach to the field. It has been designed by occupational, play and creative arts therapists with both educational, health and social service backgrounds brings ideas and expertise to the field of play therapy and play based learning and is specifically focused on the stages that children go through to develop through play, so it has particular relevance for people who work with special needs or very young children.

Level 1 - March 10th - 12th in Singapore-early bird rate extended to 20th Feb
Level 2 - June 1st - 3rd in Singapore
Level 1 - June 15th - 17th Newcastle, UK
Level 2 and 3 October 22nd- 29th India with practicum at Deepti Special School, Kerala. Places limited so early booking recommended.
Level 3 December 1st - 3rd Singapore

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A great course!

Very interactive and hands on.

It was wonderful.


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