Curating my own content here as i learn and apply what i know about Community management.

This learning points are from this article: Community Management: PR the perfect fit for shaping conversations | Analysis | Campaign Asia


Key quotes from the article:

The key to success in this area, says David Ketchum, president, Asia-Pacific at Bite, is integrating online and offline touch points, finding out what customers are talking about and using this as a starting point. Even though the web is the most efficient community venue, community management should also include events in “real life” and the use of offline media for credibility and authenticity. 

- Learning Point: Online activations must be supported by offline continuation. We go online to spark off offline relations. Noting that Gatherhere aims to build a self-sustaining, community-led community, not just online, but also offline, shaping the way the sector learns and grow in terms of capability building through informal and social learning.


Maintaining transparency with your community benefits your brand in the long run. Your community will recognise this and afford you empathy when least expected. Never claim ownership of material that isn’t yours or you will lose credibility with your community.

- Learning Point: Be real means to be vulnerable, be true. Being part of this community spells your intent to learn and also to share, so that others may learn. In the spirit of social learning, Gatherhere hopes to provide this safe online space.

Community management is important because people who are interested in your brand have volunteered to be part of your group and should be acknowledged and engaged. Any member of a community has the potential to be an advocate.

- Learning Point: Any member can be our advocate. Will you?