Just this evening, i had a Skype call with Keith Quinn, the Learning & Development manager for Scottish Social Services Council. Found this invaluable resource when researching for Gatherhere, and i'm so thankful and excited after our conversation! Keith shared his journey of creating the Learning Zone, and all its accompanying Learning Technologies over our 1.5hr conversation which could have gone on much longer, if not for me holding him up for his lunch break over in Scotland!

Through his sharing, I now can better visualise what we are working towards, in terms of using technology to enhance the learning experience and making it more realistic, more relevant and definitely more effective than any existing face-to-face training programmes that we traditionally have.


Happy to share that you can be as excited as me, because SSSC has very graciously ensured that all the tools and content developed is free for use. Scotland is very big on sharing and especially in the social service sector, where they have 200,000 staff from 3,000 NPOs, they have shared that these learning technologies have enabled a lot of financial savings, amongst many other benefits. Check out their resources here: Learning resources and apps from the SSSC | SSSC Learning Zone | Workforce Solutions  and imagine them contextualised in the local context. and that's the direction SSI is heading. Tapping on available resources we can find, collaborating with Subject Matter Experts to localise content, to provide Just-in-Time, Scalable and Situational Blended learning to upskill and develop the capability of our workforce, in the most efficacious way.


He shared that it was a long journey of advocacy. Development mainly sped up in the last 4 years, when the advent of touchscreen technology accelerated the willingness of the sector to embrace technology for learning. Buy in from management gushed in as research-based evidence slowly but surely shifted their perspective of technology-improved learning, and also as they themselves see for themselves the benefits of the learning technologies. Words spread, impact experienced, it was not long before Keith and his team was swarmed with developmental work to do.


Excited to hear that we are on the right part, excited for the sector to experience the possibilities. Gonna be a tough ride.

But, finally, a view for the long road ahead.