It's amazing how Pokemon has taken the world by storm, and it's definitely been amusing seeing how friends who have never went out to exercise, start walking 10km to catch those imaginary creatures.


Interestingly, there has also been quite a bit of news on how companies have been leveraging on this game to help in their business! A quick google led to many results showing how Non-profits overseas have been tapping on this latest craze to help in their Advocacy, Fundraising or Event activity. You can read about some quick tips here at 4 Easy Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Pokémon GO to Engage People . I was especially intrigued by how Hospital Uses 'Pokemon Go' To Get Kids To Do Physical Therapy


Of course, this may not be applicable to all of our cases. However, this led me to think more about how we in the social service and non-profit sector can think out of the box, and leverage on current trends and fads to engage our stakeholders.

1. Are we open to using unconventional ways of engaging and solutionizing?

2. How can we see what is happening around us and contextualizing it to our own context?

3. How do we keep ourselves updated with interesting and creative ways of doing things in the non-profit sector?

4. On a broader note, how do we leverage and innovate, improving processes and outcomes?



In the meantime, just sharing my catch this morning here in office!