Have you wondered what it feels like from the other side of care?


Reading this post  Social workers, please learn from my experience in care | Social Care Network | The Guardian definitely led me thinking about perspectives from the other side. How do our beneficiaries view the service they receive? What do their family members think? Do these services really help? In what aspect are their needs addressed - is it only the physical, or do we also take time to look into the emotional, spiritual, psychological aspect of their needs?


The art of looking at things from different perspectives helps us see things more holistically, and more often than not, allows us to have interesting insights into the same issue. I try to look at things with different lens as much as i can to practice this skill, and i've not been very diligent at it. But i trust that this old age saying stands true:


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How do you start noticing different things to change the things you look at?



On another note, this social life blog is what we are trying to do for our local social service community too! Just like their blog Social life blog | Social Care Network | The Guardian, Gatherhere also hopes to offer these online space, Social Work, Counselling, Therapy etc. for people working in, or with, these areas of work, to write and share their issues, experience or insights. If you would like to blog or share your thoughts, do just click on the "Create" menu on the top right corner, and Create a Blog Post.


I am thankful and appreciative for our leading Social workers like Ms Ang Bee Lian, who have invested so much in sharing her experience and giving back via her letters and regular talks. Take a look at the long list of letters she have written here: https://app.msf.gov.sg/Publications/Social-Insights-Letters-by-DSW  

We look forward to you passing on the spirit of aspiration, inspiration and motivation to the rest in the sector.