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Check out Samaritans of Singapore.


It's World Suicide Prevention Day tmr, 10 Sept 16 and SOS, the only suicide prevention centre in Singapore is championing this awareness


Did you know

  1. there are 2 times more male suicides than female suicides in 2015.  Source: National Suicide Statistics, Samaritans of Singapore
  2. 20-20 and 40-49 are the 2 age groups with higher suicide rates.  Source: National Suicide Statistics, Samaritans of Singapore
  3. SOS sent 843% more crisis support emails since FY10-11. Source: Statistics on SOS suicides, Samaritans of Singapore
  4. SOS is the only suicide prevention centre in Singapore. Source: Who We Are


The topic of suicide has cropped up in my conversations recently as there has been cases hitting closer and closer to home and my personal networks. Often we are left feeling helpless and puzzled at what could have driven them to such a point? How could we have helped support them? How did we miss out the signs?


What can we do?

I'm very grateful for campaigns like #howru as it makes it so much easier to bring such hard topics into our conversations.

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Also, check out what SOS has to share about warning signs to look out for, and our role in suicide prevention. As we do our part to advocate for awareness of suicide prevention, let us also use the right words and phrases.


Lastly, hear Mark Henick as he shares his personal experience with suicide and why he is advocating for mental health awareness.


About the Speaker:

Mark Henick is a mental health advocate. Informed by his direct experience with this aspect of the health care system, Mark has authored commentaries on issues relating to mental health for major newspapers across Canada and the U.S. His undergraduate degree is in Psychology and Philosophy, with a graduate degree in Child Development. At 22, he served as the youngest President of a provincial Canadian Mental Health Association division in history. He is the youngest member of the board of directors for the Mental Health Commission of Canada.


Let us not keep silent.