Insights from How to build customer loyalty - one person at a time


A few days back, I read an article about the usage of online connections to build customer loyalty and I thought it would be good to share it here with everyone.


"The key to building strong customer loyalty starts with the realization that individual people make up the heart of any community"


Without a doubt, a community cannot exist without its members. Similarly in Gatherhere, we strive to make it a portal where everyone can be involved, engaged and participate in areas that they resonate with. To make it THE portal that everyone would come to, we will need all the help from the various stakeholders.


As a start, we need to learn how to connect with our people. Connect wherever they are, however they are coming to the party, connect with them at that place


According to the author, there are 4 ways to connect with people and build customer loyalty:


1) One person, one answer. It is undeniable that as a community manager, one cannot interact and engage with every single user. However one can still select some key conversations and connect with individuals there. If it gets too overwhelming, engaging other experts to look into the conversations and add their expertise there is also another way. Also, focus responses to the posts of newcomers since early interactions between people tend to carry more weight down the road and build more meaningful interactions.

2) Connect with a wider audience. Start a blog (just like what I am doing now!). Blogs are a great way to share about yourself and experiences and connect with users on a more human end that answering questions do not.

3) Get help from others. A person's knowledge may sometimes be limited. That's when you can bring in others to help you. That's the good thing about Gatherhere. We engage and involved everyone so that knowledge transfer can be done more effectively!

4) Reward your most loyal users. Some users may be more active than other users - be it joining discussions, activities or even going for events. These users can get some perks like being a moderator on behalf of the community leader, exclusive testing of new fetures. After all, this is to give them the attention they deserve.


The main purpose of these 4 points is to connect with our community members. Only by connecting with them can we start to build a loyal user base and that's a beautiful thing!