While the journey can be long and the results probably will not show itself soon, making Gatherhere a success has been my aim ever since I started working on it. So much about technology these days is doom and gloom that I wanted to spend time on something positive about it.


The idea stems from ambient awareness - how social media often makes our in-person connections stronger because we know so much about each other’s minutia that we can skip the small talk and jump straight to the important stuff when we see each other.


However while this is a novel idea, things must be done to ensure that the digital platform would not breed too much hate and unkind behavior. According to If your website's full of assholes, its your fault, there are ways to solve this.

  • Having real humans dedicated to monitoring and responding to the community - By having moderators who have the power to delete comments and ban users
  • Community policies on what is and isn't the acceptable behavior and backup them up with consequences when people break them
  • Have accountable identities
  • Technology to flag identify and flag out bad behaviors


The idea of having some hard rules to govern the portal may seem harsh but it is a necessary one. Because if the digital platform has a lot of hate and unkind behavior, it is my fault. And if I have the power to stop it and I didn't, I'm one of them.