Good morning all,


I am new here in this board and was actually referred by NCSS to do an outreach here to extend our social reach to the sector.


Spic & Span is an NEA licenced commercial cleaning company that started with a social objective in mind.


Over the past 2 years, we have recruited mature workers who have been retrenched, ex-offenders who wanted a second chance in life, as well as built a support system for the marginalized, vulnerable and those with special needs.


They were then trained in housekeeping service for corporate serviced apartments; worked as part of the environment specialist teams for commercial buildings and condominiums. Some of them have also progressed in the company and are now part of the HQ team.


We are now looking to extend our partnerships to the social welfare and voluntary welfare organizations who share our deep belief in giving back to the society.


If there are some families that require employment assistance and would like to work for a company with a social purpose and has built in system to support their emotional, psychological and behaviourial needs, we can help them back into the workforce.


We are working with a number of VWOs to deepen our reach to help these families get back on their feet. Do check out our case studies and testimonials.


For example, we were a homeless shelter this monthhelping destitutes take the 1st step back to the workforce. Some of them have been out of jobs for 8-9 years and are scared to commit to full time employment straight away. So we got them on board a Trial & Training Scheme for them to start earning money through their own hard work. 1 of them have started work on a 3 hour shift basis and have continued on. He then became a testimonial by sharing with the rest of the homeless living in that shelter to be slowly eased back into the workforce over time.


There are many ways that we can partner and I would be happy to meet up with you to share more about what we do as well as to explore how we can further our relationship.


Yours Sincerely,

Benjamin Chua (81128788)


Spic & Span Pte Ltd