Watched a video on FB recently which talks about the factors contributing to social worker's stress level.


Link for video:


What was interesting for me is how the video highlighted that:

1) Stress in profession is related to the social work system itself, and not to the individual characteristics of practitioners.

This is a pretty empowering statement since most responsible adults in our society display high internal locus of control & are highly self-critical (which also explains the increase of mental health cases). I believe that most of my colleagues in the sector are like this. Self-compassion is not really a well known concept in our society.

2) Heavy caseloads and bureaucratic demands play an important role.

YA!! IKR.. Makes me think of the 5-letter system which all FSC workers are accustomed to.


Luckily for this study (see link: Predictors of and Causes of Stress Among Social Workers: A National Survey (PDF Download Available) ), the researchers also talk about how to good leadership & supervision would be helpful. I hope someone would do a local research for the industry too. Potential Masters / PHD dissertation topic!!


I definitely feel and see a difference - how work can influence my emotional and mental health since I had only transferred to a FSC about ten months back. The shift from preventive and developmental work to doing remedial work does take a toll on me since I frequently have to UP my empathy and compassion when I see the clients. Only after my transfer, did I fully comprehend the term "compassion fatigue". However, many of my colleagues continue the work even though it is affecting them.


Our work is a meaningful one, but how can we also learn to build ourselves up for the work which we all love to do? I think I have some ideas. Do you?


Perhaps this would be the topic for my next post.